Before embarking on a literary career, I spent 15 years as a professional writer and editor working for creative organizations across Europe and Canada, including cultural powerhouses such as The Canadian Museum of History and The Canadian War Museum.

As an award-winning writer, I’ve read my work in Canada, Austria, Slovenia and Bosnia & Herzegovina. I’ve also read my non-fiction work across the world, from North America, including Canada and the U.S., to Russia. In my PhD work, I specialize in the relationship between words and their ability to create new worlds. More specifically, I ask the question: how can language make us more sensitive and ethical towards other beings, including animals, plants and elements such as land and water? Given our current social and environmental crises, what do literary writers have to teach us about living good lives that foster futures in which all beings can flourish?

It’s always been the duty of writers and poets to imagine better, more livable futures. Our visions are not just acts of playful imaginations. They are paths towards new ways of knowing, being and relating to ourselves and each other, including nonhuman others. Words cut through the fears and lies that keep us paralyzed in a status quo we cannot afford to sustain. They bring us closer to the truth of our human condition, as well as our responsibilities to a world lived alongside other creatures. I believe our present moment demands bold visionaries and strong voices, and artists, especially writers, have always cultivated the courage to speak truth back to power in the name of freedom, redefining who we are and how we want to live, always in the hope of creating better futures.


  • Public readings: poetry, prose and non-fiction
  • Public speaking: on creativity and living ethically
  • Translation: poetry and prose from French to English
  • Editing
  • Writing coach

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Fejzić is pronounced fey-zitch. If you can say Nietzsche, you can say Fejzić.